What is the document type we have to select in document field in general journals in navision?

RkpSaduRkpSadu Member Posts: 6
can any explain to me what is the use of document type in navision?
when we have to select an invoice, payment, credit memo, reminder, refund in document type in general journal while posting.
thanks, in advance.


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    aacnsilvaaacnsilva Member Posts: 23
    Hi @RkpSadu.
    First of all, you'll need to understand how the posting of the different document types work in NAV.
    Behind the scenes, an invoice document as you see it (header with customer information and etc, the sales lines with the different items and etc...) when posting becomes general journal lines and item journal lines. This will then create the G/L Entries, the VAT Entries, the Cust. Ledger Entries, Detailed Cust. Ledger Entries and so forth.
    With that acknowledged, the document type in General Journals represents the type of document you'll want to post, be it a Credit memo, an invoice or any other document type available.
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