Need a suggestion on automatic journal import and post

yugi200186yugi200186 Member Posts: 20

I'm trying to create a way to :
1. Automatically Import Item Journal from a txt file.
2. Automatically post the imported item journal.

Can you help me on this :

I have a 3rd party application supplying the txt file daily to the folder "C:\ITEJOURNAL" and it's format is IteJourn_<date>.txt

I'm thinking of creating a recurring job entries which run a codeunit that will check whether there is a new file, and if it has new txt with new date then it will import them and directly update the item journal line and post it afterward.

Is there even a way to import the file directly using c/al function ?
Can you kindly suggest on how to code the codeunit or at least point out an example ?


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