How to run a timer event on the mobile app

adturnadturn Member Posts: 1

We are busy with a project to enable our field service staff to complete their job cards while out at the customers premises.
While all of this is easy to accomplish on the mobile app, the one requirement that we also require is to log the GPS position of the service staff while on the road.
What is required, is that every 15 minutes we need to plot the GPS position in order to determine who is closest to a customer at a point in time.
while we can easily log the position when the user interacts with the mobile client (on refresh, on open page, etc.) we need to log the position while the person is not interacting, i.e. while driving or while actually busy with their current job.
our thinking was to be able to do this on a timer event on the mobile client, but it seems as if you cannot use timers on the mobile app.

Is there anyone that has accomplished anything similar, or can give some advice.

We are running NAV 2016.

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