I want to pass only part of a field when importing from .csv through xmlport NAV 2017

I have data that will be coming from an outside system to be imported. The file will look like this;


Item No.,Bin Code (This is the fields)

I want to only pass into NAV "TEST" just ignore the "01-"
I have been able to figure out Concatenate to pass the data to the outside software but I am stumped on how to parse this apart.

Thank you,

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  • There is one thing I just realized and that is the data that I need to pass will vary in length. These are bin code so they will be anywhere from 4 - 10 digits in length.
  • KTA8 with your help I figured it out. I found the COPYSTR "How to". I understand now that if you only give position with no length everything from given position to the end of the string will be passed.

    Thank you VERY much.
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