Err: SQL Server value outside Navision Attain Range

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Our client is getting an error on their SQL dbf with the following message:
The Customer table contains a field with a SQL Server value outside the allowable Navision range:" It is followed by a field name and field type.

They get the same error message repeatedly but the field and type are random. They get this message when selecting Card from the drop down of the customer list - if they double click on the desired customer - it works fine - we have connected from Citrix and can do this process consistantly with no error - however it is now occurring on two client systems and did so while we were dialed in but it worked on our dial-in and erred on their local. To add more - it works in one company but not on another.

Anybody got any ideas? I am stumped ](*,)


  • Martin_FörsterMartin_Förster Member Posts: 55
    It's a little bit different to give you a solution without CAL Code!

    Have use the "locktable" function vor each Transaction??
  • McCoyMcCoy Member Posts: 39
    It is not using lock table - the problem is - it is in the standard Customer List - no changed code behind this and to top it off - it works for us over the Citrix remote connection for all companies and it works for them locally in one company but not in another - AND - it worked fine in both companies yesterday but not today - no code changes in last 2 weeks. She said - it worked 'occasionally' for them now. Also it works to double click on the desired customer but you can't select the customer (by using the arrow) then push the Customer button and select CARD. This is when the error occurs. So it is not straight forward and certinly not a clear error.

    Any help appreciated -
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