Column/Field Level Security-NAV2016

KWevickKWevick Member Posts: 96
We need to select certain fields, in various tables, to be unavailable for reporting, but available for posting. Also, the security needs to extend beyond NAV to add-ons and other solutions which access the data. We've done this internally in NAV by programming, but the need has grown. It's a requirement of the CEO and NAV doesn't do that is not an option.

For example, the user needs to be able to post to the G/L, but not view the Ledger Entries. Changing security to Indirect does not work. And the list goes on. We are looking at Row Security and possible adding some fields to the tables impacted to make the solution easier to maintain, but they will still be able to see what they can see.

Any help of suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you
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