[ISSUE] Printing variable of PostDataItem in the Report

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I am creating a report which has 2 data items at this point. Sales Header and Sales Line.
I am getting all the Item Category Code of my Line Items, adding it to a list, filtering the duplicate and putting it in a Text Variable which I want to print on the report. The Var won't print on the report (rdl)

Here is my code;
trigger OnPostDataItem()

sourcei: Integer;
filteredi: Integer;
intcount: Integer;
sourcelistcount: Integer;
filteredlistcount: Integer;
temp: Text[100];
sourcei := 1;
filteredi := 1;
intcount := 1;
sourcelistcount := sourcelist.Count();
filteredlistcount := filteredlist.Count();
filteredlist.Insert(filteredi, sourcelist.Get(sourcei));
sourcei := sourcei + 1;

for intcount := 1 to sourcelistcount do begin
IF (sourcelist.Get(sourcei) <> filteredlist.get(filteredi)) then begin
filteredi := filteredi + 1;
filteredlist.Insert(filteredi, sourcelist.Get(sourcei));

sourcei := sourcei + 1;



filteredi := 1;

intcount := 1;

foreach temp in filteredlist do

FilteredIC := FilteredIC + ' / ' + temp;

ItemCategoryCombined := DelStr(FilteredIC, 1, 3);



I get precisely what I want to print in the variable ItemCategoryCombined.

Adding the Column(ItemCategoryCombined; ItemCategoryCombined) in Sales Line doesn't print the value of ItemCategoryCombined in the report (rdl).

Any hint what am I missing?

Thanks in advance.
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