Override Onlookup Page Date Fields

MauddibMauddib Posts: 269Member
Navision 2013....

Just a mini challange for the minds of mibuso.

When you click the lookup button on an empty date field, the DatePicker UI defaults to WORKDATE I think.

When you click it on a filled date field, the UI defaults to the date in the field.

If you wanted to override that starting date somehow, at runtime, how would you do it?

In Classic Client I would have used the onLookup() of the field and in there used the old datePicker Form here: https://mibuso.com/downloads/navision-date-picker

In 2015 and later I think MS added the page 684 which you can set the current date and pop the page up to the user. Which is fine but adds extra clicks.

So is there any other option? Can one over ride the date used in the standard UI somehow? If not is there a quick .NET class one can call which pops up a completely different Calandar UI?
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