[Solved] Get Automated Test results in Powershell

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Hey there,

I have a scenario in which I run the Automated Tests of Microsoft Dynamics NAV from Powershell in a workflow.
For this purpose I have created a Codeunit which builds and executes a Test Suite.

The workflow executes the Test Suites on 3 databases in total.
After the automated tests are completely executed I want to return the test results back to Powershell to inform the user which tests have failed.

Is it possible to get the information from the Test Suites and process them in Powershell? As I have read the Invoke-NAVCodeunit cmdlet ignores return values.
Do you have any thoughts on this topic or an idea for a solution?

Maybe someone is interested in this, so I will add my solutions to this.

Last week I reviewed this topic and all in a sudden it came to me:
Why am I not using the CAL Test Line table for getting my test results?!

There are tweo ways I can 'talk' with the table from Powershell:
1. A new Codeunit which exports the CAL Test Line table in a text file
2. SQL Query from Powershell

Both ways have their pros and cons, but for my purpose it's enough to directly execute a SQL Query from Powershell.
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