What following Code Meaning?

mdsrmdsr Posts: 139Member
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hi experts i am analyzing the priviously done report and try to learn. but i have seen code which i unable to understand can anyone explain what this code is trying to do ?
what filter is exactly doing here?also getfilter used for what?
thanks in advance


  • TallyHoTallyHo Posts: 304Member
    Remove all tge code from OnPreReport. It is not working, you cannot get information from, or manipulate, the dataitems there.
    Move the periodtext code line to onpredataitem delivery challan line. It will get the postingdatefilter in a text string. Probably shown somewhere on the report.

    Set all the filters onpredataitem, preferrably only for the REC that populates that dataitem.

    To be short.. this report is a mess :#
  • mdsrmdsr Posts: 139Member
    Got It :)
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