Multilanguage support for reporst in Business Central

TV_2015TV_2015 Posts: 4Member
I am creating reports in AL, which I would like to make Multi-language supported. I added English labels to the AL-file and created an XLIFF file nl-be with the translations. I have added following code to the al-file:
trigger onaftergetrecord()
CurrReport.LANGUAGE := Language.GetLanguageID("Language Code")

When I run the report, I Always get the labels in the same language as the interface. When it is in dutch, I get dutch labels, when in English I get English labels. Regardless of the language code of the supplier/customer.

Can somebody help me with this?

Many Thanks


  • TV_2015TV_2015 Posts: 4Member
    I think I found a solution. When I set the labels as variables, it works in the reports.
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