Problem with filtergroup on page

MGoosenMGoosen Posts: 8Member
Hai everyone,

I'm having a problem with a page that should show records with a certain filtering. The page stopped showing records from the table after I made a few necessary changes.

The page used to need a filter for 2 fields, but now it only needs to filter on 1. Problem is I did not make this page or the filter and I cannot ask the one how did. The records that need to be shown are present in the table, so it should be the filtering.

There is no code in the OnOpenPage trigger or in the property SourceTableView. There are filtergroups (GETSELECTIONFILTER and FILTERGROUP functions) used when adding records to the table, but not when opening the page. When I open the page while running the debugger, there is no evidence of any filtering.

Anyone have any ideas?


  • vaprogvaprog Posts: 932Member
    I suggest you verify first that the filter you set are as intended. Test them on a Table you run from the object designer form.

    The debugger shows you only the filters in the current filter group.

    Run the page and use Help > About This Page from the menu that pops up when you click the blue area to the left of the tabs of the ribbon menu tabs (or press Ctrl+Alt+F1). This shows you all filters in all filtergroups.

    Filters and filtergroups have no effect when adding records to a table. They govern only visibility.
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