ALL buttons in ribbons missing following Windows update.

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Has anyone else experienced this issue whereby, following a Windows 10 update (to version 1903 in my case), when you run your Windows client (NAV2018 and NAV2017 in my case), all ribbon icons are missing. The ribbon IS shown (i.e. the ribbon is not hidden), but all icons are missing. If you randomly click on the ribbon the actions are triggered.


The only other place I can see this being reported is in this NAV forum post....
Ribbon completely blank

No ideal solutions there, other than rolling back Windows or formatting the machine, neither of which are suitable options in my case.

Surely this must have been experienced by others and reported to Microsoft??

*** EDIT ***
As per someones response the in forum mentioned above, this has also affected my SQL Server Management Studio too...

*** UPDATE ***
I have rolled back from Windows 10 version 1903 to version 1803 and this has resolved the issue.

To do this I followed the "Uninstall Major Builds" instructions on this page

I will be waiting some time before letting my system update to build 1903!!


  • tj62485tj62485 Posts: 1Member
    I've succeeded in getting back icons on the ribbon (NAV 2015) by rolling back windows version to build 1803. Build this must be considered a "work around" to the problem. I hope that Microsoft will dive into the specifics of the problem to make a permanent solution.
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