How to Check if a Line has changed within a Header Table

SMGNavSMGNav Posts: 2Member
Hello there! I am new to Nav and would appreciate some help here.

So, I have a HEADER Table with a boolean - "Record Modified"
This field is non editable and changes based on printing a report.
If a record is modified after printing a report the box is checked.
I have this working by setting the boolean to true in the Header Table OnModify() function.

This Header Table also has a Line table and I'm trying to set this boolean to TRUE if a record in the LINE table is changed.
I have tried putting this code in the Line table OnModify():

HeaderTableRec.GET( No. )
HeaderTableRec."Record Modified" := TRUE

but the check box does not change. I'm not sure if I'm missing how the tables are related or I'm referencing the Header table the wrong way

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  • sjensjen Posts: 34Member
    Since it is working on your header why can't you write something in your line table like
    IF HeaderTableRec."Record Modified" = TRUE THEN
      "Record Modified" = TRUE;
  • vaprogvaprog Posts: 927Member
    Hi SMGNav

    Your code looks correct. Make sure the OnModify trigger of the line is actually called.
  • SMGNavSMGNav Posts: 2Member
    Thank you for your replies! I was missing a key as Resolus suggested.
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