Exporting table objects as text files crashes NAV5.0

AliHamzaAliHamza Posts: 2Member
Exporting table objects as text files crashes NAV 5.0. Only tables till object ID 252 are exported. I've tried to export other objects and that went successful which means the problem is with Table type objects.
Any help please?


  • EkinEkin Posts: 27Member
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    Hi AliHamza,

    Have you checked if there are any field names in the tables defined with not English characters within your filter range?

    And can you compile the objects within the range?

  • AliHamzaAliHamza Posts: 2Member
    Again NAV crashes when i try to design the tables. Finally able to export tables after a lot of analysis. I had to skip around 20 tables which were causing client to crash and exported rest of the tables successfully. Now i need to figure out the problem with the rest of the 20 tables as i can't design them.
  • SanderDkSanderDk Posts: 314Member
    Why can't you design them? What kind of message are you getting?
    And that number series is the table in?
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