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NAV version = 2017 CU12

I have set up an approval workflow for purchase orders where the approver type = 'Workflow User Group'. There are 3 users in this group with the same sequence. So if any of these 3 users approves a request, the order is released and all 3 approval entries are set as 'approved'. This works fine if another user requests the approval.

However if one of the 3 users in the group request the approval of an order, then 1 entry gets status 'approved' and 2 'open'.
This leaves the order in status 'pending approval', and one of the other users in the group has to approve it.

Is it possible to have the order released if one of the users requests the approval? This works if the approver type = 'Approver'.

Thx in advance

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    ACaignieACaignie Member Posts: 91
    karthi6696 wrote: »

    You can do this by adding a response in workflow template but the drawback is you cannot have this while rejecting

    Instead of adding a response I added an event on OnAfterInsert of the approval entry table. I will check if a response is more suitable here
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