What is correct Stock Report In NAV

Can We get any Report for Stock viewing Current


  • wolfskinwolfskin Posts: 79Member
    Inventory Valuation
  • sanu1008sanu1008 Posts: 8Member
    I had checked in Item Ledger Entry of Particular item i adjusted qty to Zero.and we took the Valuation report is showing zero but ledger entry Remain Qty showing and Status also Open can you explain once the procedure
  • tomarsuniltomarsunil indiaPosts: 24Member
    both ILE and valuation are on current date?
  • sanu1008sanu1008 Posts: 8Member
    Both dates are Correct
  • tomarsuniltomarsunil indiaPosts: 24Member
    correct means?
  • sanu1008sanu1008 Posts: 8Member
    I will explain you
    In My System 10 Pcs showing Stock, Inventory Valuation Report and Physical Inventory journal.
    But Physically i dont have Stoke.So i want to -ve this Stock in adjustment. I did through Item journal with Negative Adjustment after posting Inventory valuation showing Zero and Physical Inventory Also Zero.But i refering Item Ledger Entries its Showing Remain Qty 10.How this Work i cannot understand.if you possible i will give you a connection(Any Desk) you can more understand.
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