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I have a Sales Order with 2 Lines. One Line is picked / shipped and the other isnt. The Location the Lines are set too has 'Require Pick' ticked. If i try and post this Sales Order it will work fine but it shouldn't because I have not picked the second line. Looking in the Code, specifically codeunit 80 - CheckWarehouse it does check to see if there are any open Shipment / Pick Lines and will error if so. But in this instance I have not got either lines created for the second Sales Line, so does not error.

Is this a bug or by design? If so why would it ever let you ship / invoice the second Sales Line if we've stated the location requires pick???


  • TallyHoTallyHo Posts: 304Member
    You can post the sales order, but it should only process the first sales line. What is the value of the field Qty. Shipped in the second line? This should still be 0.
  • RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Posts: 889Member
    If Advance warehouse is enabled then you can not post shipping until and unless you complete the Pick Part.
  • golfergolfer Posts: 73Member
    This is by design. Use Shipping Advice on the Sales Header to prevent it. Default is Partial, change to Complete.
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