Item charge posting with zero cost amount in value entry

jrantajranta Posts: 4Member
In NAV2018, when posting purchase invoice with charge item line, which is assigned to purchase receipt, value entry cost amount is occasionally zero. Some cases charge item works fine. So far I haven't found any common factor which explains this outcome. Same error has been reported in version NAV2013 R2, but for neither version there is (at least I haven't found) no hotfixes etc.
Has anyone faced same problem in any NAV version?


  • KWevickKWevick Posts: 96Member
    I am currently researching what I believe is probably the same issue in NAV2009, classic client. Right now, I don't have an answer. I've never seen this before in 14 years of working with NAV. My client has 0 in inventory, but over $100k value. The product was produced on a Production Order and the Items were shipped normally on a Sales Order. There is no difference between the Items without a problem. All inventory is Produced to order, so it's an easy trail to follow. I will post back if I see more. Please let me know your fix, if any.
  • Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Posts: 1,591Member
    Do you both mean that the value entry amount is zero, but the G/L not, or alternative, the G/L amount differs from the posted invoice amount? I mean, such an inconsistency is nearly impossible.

  • jrantajranta Posts: 4Member
    In our case G/L entry is correct, but value entry is zero. Yes, I agree, it sounds like mission impossible, especially when this happens occasionally and you cannot reproduce error in "laboratory circumstance".
  • tomarsuniltomarsunil indiaPosts: 24Member
    is this zero is showing only for particular items. if yes then I have a solution for this
  • jrantajranta Posts: 4Member
    Nope, not for particular items or particular Item Charge No's. But if you don't mind, please share your thoughts, they might help anyway and give another perspective to approach.
  • tomarsuniltomarsunil indiaPosts: 24Member
    ya why not.
    actually if on item card inventory value is zero ticked then cost amount or another amount is not posted on items.
    I was thinking if on item card inventory value zero is not ticked.
  • jrantajranta Posts: 4Member
    We created support case to MS and this bug was a known issue.
    ID: 266066
    Title: The Amount to Assign field is 0 in an item charge assignment when the Vendor No. field is changed in purchase orders or purchase invoices.
    Functional Area: Purchase
    Changed objects: TAB 36 TAB 38

    It seems this concerns both purchase and sales lines with charge item. CU says it happens when vendor (customer) no. is changed, but we also noticed same happens when Gen.Bus.Posting or VAT Bus.Posting Group is changed.

    I haven't have enough time to test code fix yet, but I'll do that, sooner or later.
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