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Hi all,

I am a new user to Dynamics Nav so I'm hoping you can shed some light on a query for me. We have a page, that was created by someone who has since left the company, which creates a report of barcodes. Up until this week we have been naming items that require a barcode with a # so that we can use the filter *#* on the item description within the page to return only those items. Unfortunately this week, *#* is returning all items including those without a # anywhere in their description.

Could anyone help point me where to begin looking for an error that would cause this? Or has anyone experienced this before?

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  • Whited13Whited13 Posts: 2Member
    Thank yo both, I am using Navision 2013. strangely it seems to have started working again after a week of not working. I wonder if someone had done something they were not supposed to do and has rectified it now.

    Thank you for the pointers though I will make sure to look more into them.

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