Import Navision 2009 license to Navision 5.0

we have a problem with a customer which cannot get hold of a Navision 5.0 license anymore. We can only pull a 2009 license. Is it possible to import the 2009 license to the Navision without trouble?


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  • TallyHoTallyHo Posts: 304Member
    Can you test it? If it doesn't work properly you can always perform a technical upgrade to the latest 2009 version. This will surely work, and it is not too much trouble.
  • MaWMaW Posts: 69Member
    I do not have any possibilities to test on other than production env. So I would like to be sure I am doing it right the first time.
    Technical upgrade, what are the steps in that?
  • ftorneroftornero Posts: 269Member
    Hello @MaW

    You don't need to import the license to test taht it works.

    You can change it.


    And in the next form.



  • MaWMaW Posts: 69Member
    Thanks for the feedback. I pulled the permission report for the license and in there it states the answer loud and noisy :smile:
    2110 Navision Version 3.xx  
    2120 Navision Version 4.0    
    2130 Navision Version 5.0    
    2140 Dynamics NAV 2009    
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