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hi, we are experiencing a very strange behavior in NAV2013, where we make a modification to an object, the change is executed the first time but then further changes are not being executed unless the service is restarted. For example we add a message on open page, we try it out and it works, then go back and change the message, but the previous message keeps showing.

We are in the process of upgrading to Business Central, but we need to make some modifications in the current version.

Any help is appreciated! thanks!


  • navisionerinnavisionerin Posts: 117Member
    did you try to do this with another object or is giving you this weird behaviour with only this object?
    if its only this object try and use the standar one and add the changes to the new version of the report and see if it happens again. also, might be worth trying to take the object from the latest cumulative update and see how it behaves. not sure what else to say..
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    Are you running 2013 RTC, or 2013R2?
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  • airamairam Posts: 68Member
    NAV2013 R2
  • airamairam Posts: 68Member
    it happens with all objects, both standard and customised
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