Amount sales (Expected/Actual) Item ledger entries - Dynamics NAV 2017

pepe19pepe19 Member Posts: 3

I am trying to figure out how to fill in the expected and actual amount sales in the item ledger entries.
I found this old topic, with a user mentioning this:

MAJB1969 Posts: 44Member

I am not familiar with the Indian Localize version but in order to post expected cost to the general ledger, you must place a check mark in the Expected Cost Posting to G/L field in the Inventory Setup.

Hope this helps


This box is checked in my Inventory Setup (and always has been) but there are no expected or actual costs filled in.

Does anybody know the answer, on how to make Dynamics fill this values in automatically?

Running on: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Thanks in advance!
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