Access value from a page in another page.

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I have 2 pages, let's call them Page1 & Page2. Page1 is a List, Page2 is a StandardDialog.

In Page1, I have an action that calls Page2. Page2 is for the user to select a Document No (This is a Code[20]).

I want to access the value which user selected on Page2 inside Page1's action.

I tried creating a Record Variable of Page2 and tried accessing it in Page1 like such Page2.GetRecord();

But it did not work. How do I access the Document No from Page2 in Page1?

Thanks for the help in advance.


  • Wisa123Wisa123 Member Posts: 308

    In these cases I would just use global variables in Page2 for the User to enter his Info, and expose these globals via a callable function.

    Calling Page2 from Page1
    IF Page2.RUN = Action::OK THEN
       Page2.ReturnTheGlobals([var] var1, [var] var2)
    //work with var1, var2, ...


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