Code Coverage K3

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Code Coverage K3
Code Coverage K3 is a code tracing tool based on the standard Code Coverage from Microsoft.

Main features:

trace where and why any particular field/variable was changed
trace where and why record was inserted/deleted/modified
any other information you can get by checking the executed code
In additional you can save the current Code Coverage and open it later. Also there is an option to add/remove breakpoints and export the coverage as text file.

Description of the buttons:

“Start”, “Refresh” and “Stop” are the same as in the standard Code Coverage from Microsoft.
“Show Origin” brings you to the current coverage, from the list of backup mode.
“Save” allows you to save the current coverage.
“List” will show you the list of existing backups from where you can open the one you need.
In the list mode “Open” becomes active (if there are existing backups).
Also you can delete a backup or go back to the previous screen.
“Only Highlight” will not filter but highlight the lines which contain the filter string.
By pressing “Marked Only” you can see only lines that are marked (you can mark/unmark lines).
“Executed” will show you the lines where “No. Of Hits” is more than zero.
“Unveil” temporary removes all the filters and gets them back when pressing again. It’s useful if you want to see the complete listing of the code and then get back to the filtered result without entering all filters again.
“Export Coverage” allows you to export current coverage as a plain text file.

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