Corrupted BC14 repair

chrmrnchrmrn Posts: 12Member
Dear Experts,

I have corrupted BC14 database.
For example does not generate symbols. DB is also not synchronizing with -FORCE
I found few tables which are visible in NAV but not at SQL!
How to recreate them in SQL? Is there easy way?



  • SanderDkSanderDk Posts: 323Member
    To My knowledge it cannot be done, if table is lost in SQL, then data is lost.
    If data does not matter, can you export the object as text?
    For help, do not use PM, but use forum instead, perhaps other people have the same question, or better answers.
  • chrmrnchrmrn Posts: 12Member
    Data is not that important. It can be transferred via SQL sp to target. The problem is a) synchronization failed, b) no symbols - this is a real pain. I tried to export table in question to fob, delete table, reimport - none. Tried to recreate the table from SQL - none - synchronization is still failing on that table ...
    Do you have any scenario to check?
    Thanks a lot guys!
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