Save draft outlook email everytime when send email

vijay_gvijay_g Member Posts: 884

I want to save email in outlook draft automatic when i click "Send by &Email" on posted Sales Invoice with Edit in Outlook option. please suggest any way.



  • SanderDkSanderDk Member Posts: 496
    I would suggest you take a look at how standard NAV are sending e-mail. There are a lot of help there, even on how to attach the sales invoice document to you e-mail.
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  • vijay_gvijay_g Member Posts: 884
    edited 2019-07-23
    i am able to draft email automatically using outlook setting. but i do not want to open the outlook model window which is open after nav Email Dialog window(checked edit in outlook).

    therefore, if i do not allow open this widnow using by (OutlookMessageHelper.ShowNewMailDialogOnSend = false) then it send the email. i want it should only save email in draft. i am using Nav 2018.

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