Functionality Vendor base calendars in navision 2013 and later has been removed

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Dear all,

We have a problem with Vendor base calendars functionality where we are planning received materials from Vendors on Planning Worksheet in NAV2018. Functionality was actually removed from NAV 2013 and further versions.

Our customer used version NAV5.0, where the calendars worked perfectly well. But when we upgraded customers NAV5.0 to NAV2018 version, we found out that functionality isn't there anymore.

We have edited a code to plan material (»Calculate Plan - Plan. Wksh.«) on days that I want this material be received. At this point new code works just fine. But when I want to plan the same item again, first purchase order with the same item on Planning Worksheet is Canceled, second purchase order with the same item has status New, which is not OK. That shouldn't not be proposed, because purchase order already exists.


>>> Base Calendar setup is:
»Base Calendar Code« on Vendor Card is:

Base Calendar Card

>>> Below we have modified objects:

>>> Modified Code is (red is new code, yellow is old code):
• Table 38 "Purchase Header"

• Table 39 "Purchase Line"



• Table 246 "Requisition Line"

• Codeunit 99000854 "Inventory Profile Offsetting"

Could you please help. Is there any workaround or any other solution for this problem? Our customer needs this functionality very urgently.
Do you know why Vendor Base Calendars are not part of the manufacturing planning functionality anymore?

I think that there that this problem exists because of a new feature "Rescheduling Period", correct me if I am wrong.

Best Regards and thank you for any advice,
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