Sales Quote(SQ) page should behave like Sales Order(SO)page

Jacob1227Jacob1227 Posts: 96Member
Hi All,

In NAV 2018, I want to make changes in the sales quote page(41). I need all the fields, actions, and fact boxes look exactly the same as Sales order page and behave like Sales order page(42).

So, Can you please give me some ideas to do this in the correct way. Like, what are fields I have to add codes and what are the code units I have to make changes?

Thanks in advance,


  • BartPermentierBartPermentier Posts: 6Member
    This doesn't seem like a great idea. Why do you need this?

    What you could do is do a txt2al of sales order en sales order subform. Once you have those al files you can change the document type to Quote. But again this is a quick solution that I wouldn't recommend :)
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