Trying to share common contacts between vendor and customer

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The company I'm doing an implementation for has outlets to whom it sells goods and services. It also pays out rebate on some of those sales, retaining a part for itself. This is a major revenue stream. This means that an outlet can be both a creditor and a debtor. In order to do this, I've set up a customer and a vendor for each. Obviously the key contact on both customer and vendor for an outlet is the same person.

The same issue holds true for suppliers who again, have both a customer and vendor account.

What I'd like to do in each of these instances is to avoid duplicate contacts. Is there a way in which I can link the same contact record to both a customer and a vendor account?

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  • da_nealda_neal Member Posts: 76
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    Yes, you can link main contact to Customer, Vendor and Bank Account. In Card Page of general contact use action "Link with existing" and select what you need. Best way firstly to create Contact and from contact create Customer, Vendor, Bank Account. It is action "Create as". Remember that changes contact will change linked bussines relations (customer, vendor) and backward. Changing Customer will change common fields in Vendor and etc.
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    Oh! Just tested that! It's brilliant!

    Thank you so much.

    Final question: is the link thoroughly reliable? Are there any circumstances where the info doesn't sync?
  • da_nealda_neal Member Posts: 76
    It is work correctly but in rtc i made situation when data not change correctly, but it was very special issue
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