Job Queues gets stuck without giving any error or notifications that it stopped

EBertEBert Member Posts: 3
I am experiencing an issue whereas job queues are getting stuck without giving any error why they stopped or notification that they stopped.
This regards job queues that proces EDI orders that are being ran by one specific user.

I've read up on this a little bit, and i read a lot of things saying that user permissions might have something to with it, but i highly doubt that, because if that were the case that one user should not be able to even create that Job queue.( i might be wrong on that, that is just how i think about it if i apply my logic to it)
Can i check in some kind of log that a user has failed to execute something because they did not have the rights to do that?

This issue regards Dynamics NAV 2017 (10.0)

Any help or insight on this would be much appreciated.


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