BC365 14.01 Field-sensitive Help contents ?

Hi @ll!

we recently updated our solution from NAV 2017 to BC 365 CU01.

In NAV2017, it was possible to press F1 on a default field f.ex. Order No. in T37 to show field related help contents. We even introduced help content for our own fields and tables which was very appreciated by our users.

Since BC365, this is no longer possible. Pressing F1 will only result in Page Related topics, the field context seems to be lost - a very poor "feature" for a help system.

Does anyone know if it is possible to bring back field related help contents?



  • DuikmeesterDuikmeester Hoorn, The NetherlandsMember Posts: 301
    edited 2019-07-10
    Should work if you make a help page with T_37_123.htm filename.
  • EierlegendeWollmilchsauEierlegendeWollmilchsau GERMANYMember Posts: 6
    Yes, this is the format we used to have. T for Tables, N for Pages etc.

    It is no longer working in Business Central 365 !

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