Problems with upgrade NAV 2018 to BC on premise.

ivancito86ivancito86 Posts: 18Member
Hello for all!

We are upgrading a Database with customizations, for them, we create new objects 90000 with the data of the customer transfer it before, and then delete the objects without tables, open Database with BC on premise, when the process finished, we put on the Database the objects of version on premise and execute process of upgrade toolkit, until this process without problems, I get open database with windows client and web client, but when I make my first extension in visual code, the symbols doesn't download, the error is the next:

[2019-07-09 08:51:46.59] Using reference symbols cache path: c:\Users\Desarrollo2\Documents\AL\ALProject1\./.alpackages
[2019-07-09 08:51:46.59] Sending request to http://ServerName:7249/BC140_2/dev/packages?publisher=Microsoft&appName=Application&versionText=
[2019-07-09 08:51:46.59] Sending request to http://ServerName:7249/BC140_2/dev/packages?publisher=Microsoft&appName=System&versionText=
[2019-07-09 08:51:46.65] The request for path /BC140_2/dev/packages?publisher=Microsoft&appName=System&versionText= failed with code NotFound. Reason: No published package matches the provided arguments.
[2019-07-09 08:51:46.71] The request for path /BC140_2/dev/packages?publisher=Microsoft&appName=Application&versionText= failed with code NotFound. Reason: No published package matches the provided arguments.
[2019-07-09 08:51:46.71] Could not download reference symbols. Please ensure that:
1. The correct server name and instance are specified in the launch.json file.
2. The correct application version is specified in the app.json file.
3. The dependencies are correctly specified in the app.json file.

this is my launch.json:

"version": "0.2.0",
"configurations": [
"type": "al",
"request": "launch",
"name": "ServerName",
"server": "http://ServerName",
"serverInstance": "BC140_2",
"port": 7249,
"authentication": "UserPassword",
"breakOnError": true,
"launchBrowser": true

and my app.json

"id": "cf6cbe5c-e7e6-4251-b411-e8396d5606ac",
"name": "ALProject1",
"publisher": "Default publisher",
"version": "",
"brief": "",
"description": "",
"privacyStatement": "",
"EULA": "",
"help": "",
"url": "",
"logo": "",
"dependencies": [],
"screenshots": [],
"platform": "",
"application": "",
"idRanges": [
"from": 50100,
"to": 50149
"contextSensitiveHelpUrl": "",
"showMyCode": true,
"runtime": "3.0"

I try to download with this same services focused to a cronus and I'm able to download the symbols, what can it happening in my database??

Best regards!


  • SanderDkSanderDk Posts: 321Member
    Have to done "Task 14: Publish and install/upgrade extensions" ?
    "Publish-NAVApp -ServerInstance <ServerInstanceName> -Path <SymbolFilePath> -PackageType SymbolsOnly" ?
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  • ivancito86ivancito86 Posts: 18Member
    Yes, this things I did, but... in the part of "finsql.exe Command=generatesymbolreference, Database="<MyDatabaseName>", ServerName=<DatabaseServerName>\<DatabaseInstance>", apparently the process didn't works because I didn't find navcommandresult.txt or naverrorlog.txt . This is the sentence that I executed : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central\140\RoleTailored Client\finsql.exe Command=generatesymbolreference, Database="Demo Database NAV (10-0)", ServerName=NubBC\Service1"
  • foo_barfoo_bar Posts: 56Member
    edited 2019-07-10
    run the command in a command prompt, check if error is given, also this can run for quite a while, check task manager for running development enviroment process and wait until it is done
  • ivancito86ivancito86 Posts: 18Member
    I got it!, the process works but I have the same error, the download symbols didn't work, it is horrible, I don't know which is the way in this point... Now I'm try to upgrade a database cronus just in case, but... nothing
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