Background printing large reports stuck (BC14CU01 onprem)

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edited 2019-07-10 in NAV Three Tier
When running reports that should display large number of records, webclient freezes and after few minutes, whole webclient instance stops responding (for all users, not just the user running the report).

My observations so far:
  1. CPU usage rises of the Prod.Client.WebCoreApp.exe rises to 25% and RAM usage grows steadily
  2. There are no errors in server's event log.
  3. So far it looks like all reports are affected when are too many records to display
  4. This issue only happens when using web client, windows client shows these reports without problems
  5. Other webclient instances connected to the same BC instance are not affected

Version: Business Cental Spring 2019 Update 14.0.32615

Did any of you encounter this issue?

After investigating further I have found out that this issue does also applies to printing in a background session (using the report "Plan" function).

When doing this, BC instance CPU usage spikes and RAM usage just keeps growing. After 30-45 minutes the report is still not finished, even though it only takes about 1 minute in Windows client. Instance keeps running until RAM usage gets too high.


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