Check Value in External Document inside General Journal if its existing in GL Entry (posted) or Not

SuhailSuhail Member Posts: 17
Dear guys,

i need to make code to check value for External Document No. in enter the value in journals or while posting the journal line to checks the value if its already posted in G/L Entry or not.

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  • SanderDkSanderDk Member Posts: 405
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    What have you tryed so far? If you add your code + NAV/BC version, you can expend a lot better answer. :smile:
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  • SuhailSuhail Member Posts: 17
    i didn't try yet, im new in NAV and afraid to crash the system, all i know to put the condition code inside CodeUnit 12 in OnBeforePostGenJnlLine event
  • SuhailSuhail Member Posts: 17
    Hi @SanderDk ,

    Thanks for reply :)
    im using NAV 2018 and appreciate your code i will check it and get back to you,

    Thanks to you
  • SuhailSuhail Member Posts: 17
    by the way i find event similar to the requirement "CheckPurchExtDocNo" in Codeunit 12 and simlar to your code.

    all i need to prevent the users to post an journal line with existing "External Document No." value in "G/L Entry".
  • SuhailSuhail Member Posts: 17

    Thanks your guidance was very helpful to me, i really appreciated
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