How do I show the values of each record on the Report?

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So I was told to print the comments from the Purch. Comment Line Table on the Purchase Order report. When on a Purchase Order there is a Button called Comments. Which allows you to add comments with the date. The date doesn't matter here because I was told Comment1, Comment2, Comment3, etc. will be added. And those 3 comments must be shown on the Purchase Order Report.

I started the following approach and it might be wrong.

Global Variables
Var POcomments: Record Purch. Comment Line;
Var testarray[10] of Text[80];

POcomments.SetFilter("No.", "Purchase Header"."No.");
IF POcomments.FindSet THEN begin
for i := 1 to 3 do begin
testarray[ i ] := POcomments.Comment;
Message(testarray[ i ]);
i := i + 1;
until POcomments.Next = 0;

So I was planning to put all the comments (notice how the Purch. Comments table can have multiple comments for the same document no with an incremental line. no value.) into an array.

What I soon realized was that in the dataset I can't add an array variable, I tried. Also, even if it did, I was wondering how was I going to iterate through it in the RDL.

Please help me with this.
Thanks in advance.


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    You can added a dataitem of type purch. Comment line, and link it throw "No." then i rdlc you add a group for this. Then you can delete All your code with array 😊
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