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we have about 200 invoices (standard excel templets) which need to be updated in Navision (version 5, Microsoft dynamics NAV). navision is in citrix environment and quick macros are installed in a desktop environment how do i automate using Quick macros.

1. if a record is not found how can trigger it to go to the next record. do the loop through to pick up all the invoices in the folder and execute.

thanks for any suggestions


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    Hello and welcome to our community.

    I can't see a need to use external tools to automate a (any) process in NAV.

    There are multiple ways to perform a mass import of documents and use business logic during that import.

    A method to approach that, would be:

    1) Create a report, on the request report options I would place the folder that it would read the files.
    2) On PreReport Trigger I would find how many files exists on the folder and loop all of them.
    3) Inside the loop, read each file and try to find if the according invoice exist and "update it" if it does, skip the file if it doesn't.

    For a detailed implementation you could discuss it with a dev in your company (if exists) or NSC.

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    In-process Automation objects and OCX controls always run under the same user account as the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client. This is because in-process Automation objects are hosted by the current running process and inherit the security properties of the active user.
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