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>In july 2002, the domain "mibuso.com" was registered: MIcrosoft BUsiness SOlutions -> MIBUSO. The site got a new name, a new layout and new features. On 21 October 2002, I made the switch.

That is an amazing coincidence. I was hired on 21 or around that date anyway Oct 2002 for my first job at a NAV Partner. Pretty much straight out of college. First as Junior Sales, but I was terrible at that, so I transitioned into consulting because my managers noticed the sales demo PPTs I was making show a good understanding of the functionality, which made up for my, well, lack of salesman-level social skills.

We started our first implementation project half a year later. 3.6 was just out so we used that, although we were trained on 3.1, unfortunately noticed too late how buggy and half-baked 3.6 was. (3.7 was really a godsend.) So I took my problems here to mibuso and got really good answers. I think my first project would have failed otherwise.
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