TableData 2000000002 does not exist error


What is TableData 2000000002 does not exist error in Navision 2009 R2



  • ricardopaivaricardopaiva Member Posts: 14
    A better description of the issue you’re having would be helpful. When are you getting this error?

    Are doing an upgrade? The table is being used in a variable?

    Table 20000000002 has been dropped in NAV 2013. Please refer to the following website:

    Try to use tables 2000000120 / 2000000053 instead (can’t check their names now but its one of them).

    If you get the error during the convertion, make sure you’re using Windows Authentication and not Database authentication.

    Please let us hear from you.
  • Sachin_Sachin_ Member Posts: 67
    Hello @jsshivalik,

    Table 2000000002 and 2000000003 were removed in the 2013 version.

    insted of them you can use the following tables :

    User : 2000000120

    Access Control :2000000053

    Refer below link to see what other tables are been removed in the 2013 version

    As a fix for your problem what you can do is, go to global variable and replace the old table ID with the new ID.
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