Can I use the reference in VS Code intelligently?

SunsetSunset Member Posts: 196
I've started looking at Extensions (again) :smile: and I am wondering if there is any method of jumping to the explanation from Microsoft; either on the ms page, github or elsewhere?

For instance last time I had time to play with extensions you still had to make Multilanguage captions directly in the code. Now when I do it, it says "The multilanguage syntax is being deprecated. Please update to the new syntax. AL(AL0424)"
I get that there is a new way of doing the captions, and have seen that they are being generated in a seperate file. All well and good. But can I use the AL(AL0424) reference to look up something regarding this issue?

Or when it says DotNet 'SqlConnection' is missing AL(AL0185) how can I use the reference to see that it is because I have renamed SqlConnection in my definition file?
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  • SanderDkSanderDk Member Posts: 449
    To the best of my knowledged no you cannot look up ex al0424 but it makes great search word in google and there by finding a GitHub Issue.
    My personal guess is it it like the KB number i NAV release, they point to a specific commit in Microsoft internally SCM system :-) But this is not confirmed, it is just my own guess
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  • SunsetSunset Member Posts: 196
    I fear that you might be right Sander. I was/am just hoping that the logic behind the AL numbering is somehow open and accessable for the public as it would save a lot of time. Just imagine being able to press a link that would explain the reasoning for whatever error the compiler is giving :smiley:
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  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,281
    Those are references to code rules in the AL language. I couldn't find the direct references in the documentation, but they are similar to the code analysis rules that you can find here:

    You can search for and submit specific questions about the AL Language extension here:
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