How to check item codes are tagged to which FG code

shwethashwetha Posts: 6Member

Need to get the details of all item codes are tagged to which FG code in NAV 2013. Please help us to derive the report.


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    How about following a course in C/AL development and RDLC reporting?
    This is so a basic question that it lets me think you never developed in C/AL.
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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    Hello @shwetha,

    Create a new report wherein take data item as Item then include the fields whichever you require after including the fields click on the dataitem
    item go to properties >DATAITEMTABLEVIEW> TABLE FILTER enter data as i have entered in the below screenshot

    then click ok then design the layout in report builder and include the fields then run the report you will get the desired data.
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