Is it possible to damage books with an extension?

chrmrnchrmrn Member Posts: 12
Yes, it is!

Try to publish and run that:

codeunit 50112 DeleteGLE
procedure OnRun();
gle: Record "G/L Entry";
Message('this will delete 1st G/L Entry');

This works at current BC Spring Release.
As you can see no permission to G/L Entry was granted.
Any idea why it is wrong?


  • TallyHoTallyHo Member Posts: 383
    Are you sure the servicetier is running under a customer license? If so, this is quite troublesome.
  • chrmrnchrmrn Member Posts: 12
    It is MS SaaS cloud
  • TallyHoTallyHo Member Posts: 383
    I know Oracle based ERP that allows it all. 'Safe zones' do not exist in the database. Maybe MS is just letting go.
  • chrmrnchrmrn Member Posts: 12
    This is illegal in some countries. The system will not be validated.
  • TallyHoTallyHo Member Posts: 383
    edited 2019-06-21
    Auditors know the ease a GL record can be deleted using a simple SQL statement (embedded in AL).
    But I'm sure you're right. Some might be very strict on that. And with the saas environments on the rise this could be implemented like brick again. But on premise..

  • chrmrnchrmrn Member Posts: 12
    edited 2019-06-21
    This makes Indirect Access Permissions nonsense!
  • TallyHoTallyHo Member Posts: 383
    No, this makes forced permissions by MS nonsense. Permissions are very much needed (direct and indirect), but can be fully controlled by the customer.
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