Digital signature on the invoice.

we are doing signature by hand on the invoice hard copy. can be possible digital signature on the Invoice copy? ERP2016


  • Sachin_Sachin_ Member Posts: 67
    @SwamiVAI scan the image of the signature and crop accordingly in paint or any other software then if its a report then you can just right click on the report then you have an option insert >image that will work.
  • SwamiVAISwamiVAI Member Posts: 17
    Sachin Sir
    Daily we print 1200 to 1300 number of invoices. manual image inserting option is not feasible for us.
    can be possible signature get print i.e. company information get already printing on the invoice.
  • Sachin_Sachin_ Member Posts: 67
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    1)Is it like only one signature you want to print in 1200 to 1300 invoices or different signatures?
    2) from company information you want to take picture field or what?
  • SwamiVAISwamiVAI Member Posts: 17
    1) we have 4 peoples to book the invoices daily and hand signature on hard papers. we wanted to print digital signature as per invoice creator login ID

    2) from company information....... (it was just mine idea). you can suggest proper way that how to put the digital signature Login ID wise
  • JuhlJuhl Member Posts: 708
    Create a table with userid and blob column, and save the image to blob per user.
    Then get the image in the report.
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