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DevanshuDevanshu Member Posts: 3
Can someone send me a report to practice using multiple tables.


  • DevanshuDevanshu Member Posts: 3
    Thanks but i think this too tough to make as i am a beginner on nav.
  • Sachin_Sachin_ Member Posts: 67
    Hello @Devanshu you can create a simple Purchase report by taking 2 dataitems Purchase Header and Purchase Line its easy.
  • borealisborealis Member Posts: 35
    Sachin_, one of the best ways to learn is by modifying existing reports. You can open any report and "Save As" to save it to a new number/name in the custom range and then modify it. I'd recommend initially staying away from the document reports (invoice/shipment/cr.memo etc) and look at the more simple list reports.

    I'd recommend something like Report 108 Customer - Order Detail. It has two actual tables and a couple of integer tables (integer tables are usually iterators through a temporary table) which are used extensively in reporting. Report 307 is an even simpler example without temp tables.

    One thing worth noting about NAV reporting is that some of the details are not obvious compared to other dev environments. The data items you will often need to modify the properties (use view | properties with them selected or hit shift-F4) and to see things like the request page you will need to be on the dataset designer and use the view menu to bring it up.
  • Sachin_Sachin_ Member Posts: 67
    @borealis i agree with what you are telling but as he is a fresher so opening an existing report and understanding would be difficult so i thought it would be easy for him to create a simple purchase report so that he can learn how to use dataitems in a report.
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