NAV2018 - The table definition is invalid and cannot be validated

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I'm in the middle of an upgrade from NAV2016 to NAV2018, base localisation is BE.

The company has a Polish subsidiary and so we have merged the Polish localisation into the NAV2018BE with own changes.
Now when I'm trying to import the PL language with txt or flm, I get the following error:


There is a topic already existing Mibuso, but not for NAV2018 and the "workaround solution" isn't available.

Anybody knows a solution?

Many thanks,

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    panosk wrote: »
    Ah the famous, Sales has sold "We can do all countries in one database" story to the customer :smile:

    The problem with the Polish language is that is not using the same code pages as for instance Dutch, German, French etc. And the C/SIDE is not really Unicode capable.

    To import the Polish language into the database, you will have to switch your "Non Unicode" code page to Polish.


    This will allow you to import the language (flm), after importing the language you can switch back your "Non Unicode" code page to what it was before.

    You will notice if you switch back that the Polish characters will be displayed wrong.
    If you now want to compile a table you could get the "table definition is invalid" message again. This can be solved by using "Force".

    I would advise that the Polish users login into a different RDP as your Belgium users.
    It still will be a PITA :)

    Import is now working. Thanks for the quick update.

    Is there a reason why the Polish users need to login into a different RDP?
    I know C/Side is indeed non Unicode, but to my knowledge RTC is? And none of the Polish users will login onto C/Side.
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    Well just to have to "non unicode" in Polish, you of course try if it works without them on a separate RDP. As you stated they will not be accessing C/SIDE.
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