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sjensjen Member Posts: 52
Hello, I when search the (10135)Item Sales Statistics report from search bar I can't find it. I can go to report layout selection and run my report from there but why can't I find this report from the search bar? I know for reports there is a property called UsageCategory and can be set it there but to add this property I need to modify the report, so it should be an easier way but I don't know.

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  • sjensjen Member Posts: 52
    Yes, it is for BC. I have never done the txt to al convert, so I need to do that first then create a new report and add UsageCategory. Thanks TallyHo
  • TallyHoTallyHo Member Posts: 368
    There is no need to convert to AL. The property is in a regular page object too. You just need to generate symbol reference afterwards, for it to work. Or add it to the shortcut of your development environment. (search generatesymbolrefence on this forum)
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