Dynamics 365 Business Central: Self Setup

About the solution

Innova presents BC Self Setup for Dynamics 365 Business Central, the solution that enables an initial setup of the system when creating new companies.
By having templates updated with the basic configuration of the system, these can be adapted to the needs of the client in a friendly and configurable environment from the same setup wizard.

The use of BC Self Setup is indicated for users with basic knowledge of the system, since the setup assistant will guide you through different screens to make the appropriate configurations.

The add-on can be configurated by the end client, although our service will also be available for you.

How does BC Self Setup work?

For the correct use of Self Setup, you will need to follow the next steps:
  • Get the BC Self Setup solution from AppSource of Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Request to sign up to Innova Online Portal in order to hire one of our packages (Request Register)


How can I set up BC Self Setup?

No preconfiguration is required to use BC Self Setup. The setup wizard can be accessed through the assisted setup of the system.


For further information, visit Innova's webpage!
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