Lot Expiry Date change automatecally after posting ! a bug?

cpebarcpebar Member Posts: 4
we have Nav 2016 and we found a bug or problem where the lot expiry date changed after posting and taking automatically according to the oldest lot available FIFO
note we have force expiry date in Item Tracking Codes in our settings

example if i have 2 lots from 1 item
first lot: Lot Number =lot1 and expiry date is 1/1/2020
second lot Lot Number =lot2 and expiry date is 5/5/2020

now if i select from lot2 which expiry date is 5/5/2020, its selected in Transfer order or Sales order, but after posting it show wrong date in posted documents
i.e. if i open posted transfer document ill find in Item Tracking Lines
lot2 & expiry date is 1/1/2020 ;; note the expiry date changes but the lot number stay the same?

Can any one help on this?


  • cpebarcpebar Member Posts: 4
    please check attached, any one please support or guide us to the another group
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