Amount Inc VAT value for Sales Quote report.

mysamzamysamza Member Posts: 49
So I am using the below code to add the amount in words to the Sales Quote report. I have already successfully achieved it with the Sales Invoice report using the following code.

Header - OnAfterGetRecord()

gRpt_Cheque.FormatNoText(notext,"Sales Header"."Amount Including VAT","Sales Header"."Currency Code");

To get straight to the issue I am facing; The AmountIncVAT field gives me Zero when I am doing it in the Sales Quote report. It give the right value of AmountIncVAT when I did it for the Sales Invoice.

What am I missing out? The Sales Quote will be printed from the Sales Quote Card, is the AmountIncVAT field giving me ZERO value because the document is OPEN? Does AmountIncVAT field only get calculated when the Document is posted? In Sales Invoice case where I said it worked fine is it because of Sales Invoice was posted?

Thanks for the help in advance!
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