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There is a field named Invoice Discount % on the Sales Quote Card.

I need to show this field's value in the Sales Quote (Report 206) but I can't find this field in either the Sales Header or Sales Line. It shows in the SourceExpression. The screenshot I attached above is from Tab SourceExpression. How do I locate this field?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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    Hey mysamza,

    i guess you are talking about the Sales Quote Subform (95)?
    If so, the Field should be calculated within a function.

    SalesCalcDiscByType -> Codeunit 56 (Sales - Calc Discount By Type)

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    How do you suggest I access the field value that is calculated at CodeUnit 56 in Sales Quote Subform? I tried making a global variable of Codeunit 56 and tried accessing VarCreated.GetCustInvoiceDiscountPct(RECORDREF) but it would tell me RECORDREF should belong to 37 and not 0
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    You need to pass an Record of the Sales Line. (Table 37)
    If you use the Sales - Quote Report, you can call the Function after the Sales Line DataItem.
    SalesCalcDiscountByType.GetCustInvoiceDiscountPct("Sales Line")

    SalesCalcDiscountByType -> Codeunit (Global Variable)
    "Sales Line" -> Defined in the Dataset

    So you have to create a Variable for the Codeunit.
    Add a Column after the DataItem Sales Line:
    Data Type: Column
    Data Source: SalesCalcDiscountByType.GetCustInvoiceDiscountPct("Sales Line")
    Name: The Name (That's the name you can select in the Report)

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